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“In Gambling With Your Soul, Henry Arnold Davis offers a multi-faceted and multi-disciplinary approach to how one thinks about living and the afterlife. Davis’ powerful personal narrative intersects with his knowledge of religions around the world to capture any reader regardless of religious or faith beliefs. Highly recommended!”

Dr. Russell Wigginton, President, National Civil Rights Museum

Author of The Strange Career of the Black Athlete

“Henry Arnold Davis takes a provoking, personal look at human death in Gambling With Your Soul. He gradually and eloquently explores the possibility of life after death through stories, personal experiences, and interreligious views. Gambling With Your Soul is a thought-provoking page-turner!”

Reverend Dr. Humberto Alfaro, Professor of Practical Theology

Director of the Center for Pentecostal Leadership

New York Theological Seminary

“Exploring the question of what happens after we die, Gambling With Your Soul analyzes the world’s top religions and non-religions to find the best bet for a meaningful afterlife. Stimulating, thorough, and thought-provoking.”

Christina Baker Kline, #1 New York Times bestselling author of eight

novels, including The Exiles, Orphan Train, and A Piece of the World

Dr. David C. Asomaning, author of Nightmares to Miracles, Signs and Wonders

SynchroMind®: The Leadership Development Company

Reverend Dr. Nadja Fidelia, former Managing Director, Lehman Brothers

Co-Founder of Eland Capital Partners

“Henry Arnold Davis in Gambling With Your Soul offers us a detailed and careful apologia for Jesus as the only true savior of the world. He has a rich understanding of various world religions, and what they teach about the afterlife. He also provides richly competent treatments of near-death experiences. Using the logic of the engineer and business executive that he is, he makes a meticulous case for why one’s best bet for a safe and secure afterlife is faith in Jesus as the savior while in this life. I heartily recommend this carefully reasoned and thoughtful book!”

“My daughter and I attended Henry's book signing shortly after she had completed her first book simply to get an idea of what a book signing was supposed to be. What we took away from that was much more than either of us could have pictured. Gambling With Your Soul has been a great tool for us to talk together about God, some of the questions faith can bring, and what happens next. Recently her 10th grade class had experienced an accidental death as well as a suicide and that left her with many questions. Henry's detailed and analytical approach to this age-old question provided me and my daughter many nights of quality time discussing how different views are always optional, but that in the end your faith in God is the best option available. Henry Arnold Davis is a remarkable writer with an educational background that far surpasses most, but his ability to capture audiences from all age levels as well as diverse faiths made this an extraordinary read and experience with my family.”

John and Ella Lybarger, author of Loud Thoughts, Opposite Thoughts

“The best part of reading Gambling With Your Soul was feeling like Henry Arnold Davis was walking alongside me... as I delved into my own personal childhood trauma.  I was triggered and also comforted by his story, knowing that I was not alone and that I could survive this courageous journey. I wholeheartedly endorse this amazing book!”

“A fascinating read from beginning to end. If you’ve ever asked yourself life’s most profound question—What will happen to me when I die?—this book is for you. The author grabbed my attention with a bang and held it firmly with interesting stories and thought-provoking questions. A must read!”

John Ortiz, California, no religious affiliation

“Recommend for readers who enjoy a serious study of various religious beliefs and seek to find the true God. Through stories, history, personal experiences, various research, and reflections, the reader is guided from an objective perspective to consider a true belief.”

Christina Tse, Hong Kong, converted from pantheism to Christianity

“The feeling of confronting death is lonely and overwhelming and has deep impact on a person. This book works on easing that experience by showing that death is universal. This exposure to the universality of death can have an emotional relief leading to faster acceptance.”

Salem Wali Ali, California, Muslim

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